Monday, May 7, 2012

Client - 'dogbag'

Working for clients is one of the best things for a student! With a lot of freelance time on my hands right now, I can finally put my energy and effort to my clients & employers before I start at the Art Academy of Animation!

This time, I worked for a new client! Adding some new members to my circle feels great! It was a lot of fun working on this project, and with this amazing friendly person to do business! It's been an adventure, but I'm happy I found a good working-rythm and schedule to create a fast/qualitative/non-stress workresult!

I'm truely a dog person, so I absolutely love this concept of her business! Selling cute and handy dogbags for travelling far away, or just for a glamorous stroll trough the city! The assignment was to make a representing logo with a matching background pattern to use in the webshop. I never felt so comfortable doing my job! Thank you Derya!

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