Sunday, December 6, 2009

Making some improvements

As a stubborn little student, everything I make has to look EXACLY how I imagined it.  I want to bring fairytales closer to people again. Like in the old days, when people believed mermaids existed, and frogs could turn into charming princes every day. Since the day I've seen the true beauty of nostalgia en romance back in those days, I never wanted to go back.

My biggest passion has always been "creating". Create something beautiful, create something amazing to bring fairytales & myths closer to people. I've always been inspired by old storybooks, the forest I grew up nearby, but mostly by my dad. He taught me to believe, and never give up the things you love to do most.

Well, still as a stubborn student, I live my life as a graphic designer during the day. When I graduate, I get my annoying ass quick as possible to the nearest art academy, and develop myself as a character designer, storybook writer, illustrator & conceptartist.

Right now, I'm busy making some designs for the Efteling. (an awardwinning themepark in the Netherlands) creating puppets, buildings, items & lots & lots of more interesting things. Enjoy!

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