Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Imagineering; Darkride - board 1

Last night, seemed to be the shortest night I've ever had. Having a lot of free time on my hands turns around my sleeping-rhythm! So, I started working trough the nights; no distractions and no other noises. Listening to my favourite music and making some magic!

This time, I tried to push myself trough a rare kind of limit. I've never had tremendous skills in digital landscape/interior painting. I was frustrated some other pieces didn't work out as I hoped. So I started to push myself "I won't go to bed before this piece is partly finished and amazing!" It took a lot of chocolate and patience to make it this far! It's not 100% entirely finished, but good enough for now.  I'm contented it worked out perfectly; now I know how to make a landscape/interior in perspective!

EDIT: Photoshop tutorial

I've been fighting my way through photoshop to create a semi-realistic artwork. I was used to work with Mr. pencil and Mrs. paper, they've always been my best friends since kindergarten. But I always wanted to find a way to make a digital painting just like the big boys! So I had to make this work. I struggled months to re-invent this kind of technique. And finally! I've found a way!

1. Pick a basic color, you can add more colors with more basic layers
2. Pick a dark overlay color, this layer will be used as the first shadow layer
3. Pick a second dark overlay color, this layer will be used as shadow-accent layer
4. Pick a light color, this layer will be used as the first shine-layer
5. Pick a second light color, this layer will be used as highlight layer

The more shadow/highlight layers you add, the more contract depth it will give to your photoshop painting! Have fun!

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