Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Interior design: Carousel nursery

Taking a serious step in the right direction! I've been fuzzling to long with character-designs and first-line details! I really want to become a professional imagineer, but several feedback-sources have concluded I'm limited when I comes to perspective and spacial-design.

I buckled up and really invested some serious hours developing this project. It's an idea I once imagined when I was having trouble getting enough hours of sleep. I'm getting ridiculously creative when I'm staring at te ceiling and imagine things I could create. 'What would an awesome nursery look like?'... Well, like this! This concept always came back to me when I started staring at my marvelous white ceiling.

I've always been a little interior designer when it came to my own living space. Moving & decorating has always been a huge process and passion of mine. But I've had limited schooling when it comes to interiordesign. My admission test at my first school resulted I had really HIGH potential at the interiordesign-department, even the teachers insisted this would be a better choice for me. However I decided to become a graphic designer during the 2nd year. But then again: I've had 12 months of basic-interior knowlegde, let's make the best of it!

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