Saturday, May 2, 2015

Woodland Wishes

Woodland Wishes! Yeah, a game concept that never made it. 

I was hired by a company in Amsterdam making children's games (copying Fox and Sheep games from A to Z) for smartphone and tablet. This resulted into making games I would rather not showcase.

As a gesture of good will, I've made them this entire game concept (including 16 levels) within a few weeks on my own. My initial point making that you don't need to copy other successful games from A to Z, you can actually make something beautiful and original if you pass it on the the right people with the right background and skill.

They've made this promise not to alter it, as long as they could have the rights to it. Unfortunately they've altered it.... quite a bit. Quite... everything.  Leaving me broken hearted, but still proud to showcase the original drawings.  

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