Thursday, June 27, 2013

Free printable cake banner

Giving something back to my blogviewers! My blog is being googled a lot of times, but there also have been A LOT google searches looking for a free printable cake banner. With the thought I've dissapointed some viewers not giving them where they were looking for: I've decided to do something about it! A wise friend of mine told me it's very generous to publish free giveaways on your blog, so in the meantime... why shouldn't I do something in return and give the people what they need?

I've digital painted these free printable cake banners in my spare time to cool down from larger projects. Download for free and print as many times as you like!


  1. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    This is really nice, thank you so much! :) /Vera

  2. Thank you so much, beautiful

  3. Love these, thank you!