Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Imagineering; Darkride logo Disney edition

I've been thinking about serveral concepts. As some might know, I'd like to variate my production in projects once in a while. 

I was thinking to design a complete darkride dedicated to Walt Disney. Since I was a little kid, me & my parents traveled around the world to see it all! I was 3 - 6 years old, and we went allmost every summer sightseeing the Disneyland themeparks! Growing up, I'd always pictured everything to be real; fairytales existed, Peter Pan was a true story, magic was real... everything in Disneyland was real to me. 

That's my vision when I create a themepark concept; how would I've seen this when I was a kid? It helps me "thinking out of the box" and brings me to places I'd never thought I would be. Being an seriously taken designer gives you limits, frustrations, boundries, and borders in creativity. But when I turn my head to imagineering, all of those narrow-minded people don't seem to influence my creativity anymore. I can go as far as I want to; and that's exacly what I stand for! 

Never stop learning. The background of this project runs on different principles. One of the most fun things to do in imagineering is designing the characters, designing a story & give it to right touch to make it magical. Well, what if... there's allready a story and everything you need? That's what I'm trying to experiment with this concept. Creating a ride of a story that's allready given the right shapes and colors.

This concept is one of the few that represents a piece of me & my childhood! I was always wondering when I was little; "Where's bambi? Mommy, do they have Bambi in Disneyland?" Well, let's change that shall we?

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