Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deviantart contest

Happy Valentinesday everybody!

Snuggledays are great! So why wouldn't you snuggle this attractive green fellow? "Mashter callz meh fluffeh!" I'm participating in an designbattle, just for the hack of it! It's been so much fun making this figure!

I've tried to record my moves with screenflow, but when I tried to save the file... my macbook crashed. All my files (my company in progress, my jobs, my clients, and inspirations) were suddenly GONE! I was heartbroken last night, but I'm picking up the pieces and I'm trying to rebuild my archive. I'm glad I've got a lot of backup-portfolio-material on my blog! A tiny piece of the screenflow-video has been rescued! So what did I learn today (...again)? Oh yeah... making some serious extern backups!

I've been trying some new things on the www! How to higher my standards and compeating with designers all over the world! It really gives you a boost of energy and motivation. I think every designer should need that experience, It's a big step towards a positive and serious reputation. You'll learn so much, in a very short time! This contest is a new step to the 'illustration and imagineering' world, telling stories with a single image!

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  1. I love him! Your line about 'mashter' there has inspired me! I'm a some-what writer, and i have a box of ideas... your little monster inspires a little friend for a character. He's beautiful (my mother looked over my shoulder and said what's that, i told her it was amazingness at it's finest. Cheers! I would certainly cuddle him.